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Sudbury is situated on the Canadian Shield in the Great Lakes Basin and is composed of a rich mix of urban, suburban, rural and wilderness environments. Greater Sudbury is 3,627 square kilometers in area, making it geographically the largest municipality in Ontario and second largest in Canada. It is considered a city of lakes, with 330 lakes and the largest lake contained within a city, Lake Wanapitei.



Fun Facts about Sudbury

• Sudbury is home to the Sudbury Basin, an important geological structure and the third-largest crater on Earth, as well as one of the oldest (discoversudbury.ca). 

• There are over 5,000 km of mining tunnels under the Sudbury area. Placed end-to-end, you could drive from Sudbury to Vancouver underground (discoversudbury.ca)

• Sudbury has received numerous awards for its aggressive land reclamation program, including the United Nations Local Government Award and the United States Chevron Award (qualityinnsudbury.com).


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