The CIM Sudbury Branch—with the support of CIM, the CIM Maintenance, Engineering and Reliability Society (MERS), the CIM Surface Mining Society and the CIM Underground Mining Society—are thrilled to present the Maintenance, Engineering and Reliability/Mine Operators Conference and Trade Show (MeMO).

This year's theme will be Perseverance in a New World.


A conference for operators, by operators!

This ​in person​, three-day event zeroes in on the interaction between the business of mining and the challenge of adaptability. We've organized a line-up of keynote presentations and technical sessions on topics ranging from workplace solutions to resilience to innovation. Talk with top industry experts to get a better understanding of the new realities affecting the mining industry. Then, cap it all off with a fun social program and three virtual field trips.

Keep checking back for more as we finalize the speakers, topics and social events.


Conference topics:


Finding, hiring, training and managing today’s workforce. We discuss; how to engage with the workforce of tomorrow and ensure that your inclusive company engages a diverse workforce; ensure that your workforce is at its best through ongoing learning and training; and to ensure your workforce is giving its all by allowing task ownership through short interval control; and is operating at it safest by mitigating fatigue risk in the workplace. Join the discussion so that you too can employ the best strategies to ensure your workforce delivers the competitive advantage that you need.


Culture makes the mine; safety, employee empowerment, maintenance excellence and transforming your workforce are all centered on you most valuable asset, your team. Join the discussion on how to make the most of your workforce, grow it in new and innovative ways and transform if through empowerment to make the right decisions at the right time.


Mine water management, the enabler of production and productivity. Keep the water in the mine, through recycling, operational efficiency, slimes management to pivot from a position of expense to a competitive advantage. Learn how to transform a high potential barrier to production into an efficient managed process that can have a positive impact to the bottom line.

Mine Design

Design for the future and innovation, but don’t forget our collective experience. Sometimes the best solutions are time tested with a new perspective. Building the mine of the future requires building off the experiences of the past. Explore new fresh look at time tested solutions based on new insights into old problems using new ideas and innovative solutions.


Deep, hot and high stress problems require new and innovative solutions that make the underground workplace safer for your workforce by improving the conditions or removing them from harm. The gold standard for the future of mining is workers controlling equipment from surface, understanding the underground workplace, conditioning the workplace to a suitable standard and improving work practices to break the stigmas of the past and ensure our workers have the lowest risk environment to work in.

A New World

New ideas, new technology, new tools and new expectations require the reinvention of time-tested routines and techniques. Keeping high performance assets maintained and ready to work requires new strategies to ensure their maximum value is realized. We will discuss predicting failures using new tools, strategies, big data and even AI, so join us to learn together how to get the most of your productive equipment by anticipating downtime, predicting failure and understanding the heath of your assets.

New technologies like BEV’s bring with them the need to develop new specifications and understanding of the benefits to workers and their workplace. Join us to share in our collective experience in the adoptions of BEV’s and to contribute to the future of this pivotal new technology.


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CIM Contacts

  • Chantal Murphy

    Conference Manager

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  • Nadia Bakka

    Sales Manager, Exhibition & Sponsorship

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Conference chairpersons

  • Christine Bertoli

    MEMO 2022 Conference Co-Chair

  • Katie Burau

    MEMO 2022 Conference Co-Chair

  • Brianne Valdes

    Sponsorship Chair

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