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Determining Fan Duties and Selecting Main and Auxiliary Fans

This workshop will prove to be beneficial for anyone involved in ventilation systems design and operation from the consultant to mine ventilation personnel to mine operations workers. 

In this workshop the participants will explore:

  • How to determine mine airflow requirements?
  • How to arrive at a fan duty point?
  • How to optimize the primary fan installation (surface or underground)
  • What information does the fan vendor require?
  • What are system losses?
  • How to read a fan curve?
  • Why a basic understanding of the fan laws is important?
  • The role of OPEX vs CAPEX in fan selection
  • Auxiliary Fan Selection
  • Not all fans are created equally

Presented by: 

Marc Sewald, P.Eng., Lead Engineer, Zitron Canada

Tim Paquin C.E.T., Senior Ventilation Consultant, BBA Inc.


5 Minutes a Day to Digital Adoption

This session is for busy mine managers, superintendents, change managers, technology leaders and supervisors working in mining environments who are interested implementing change without interrupting production or risk an increase in safety issues;  As a leading provider for Canada’s Digital Adoption Program is helping hundreds of organizations digitally transform their operations while measurable results in the form of time, revenue or improved safety. Join Neha Singh, CEO of to discuss, learn and debate the pros and cons of a radical new way of managing change in just five minutes a day. This is’s attempt to disrupt the change management consulting industry by moving from pontificating about the importance of change management to showing you what change management looks like on the ground floor and how to deal with the three major barriers to implementing change in mining:

  • The lack of time – running against the production clock
  • Lack of clear Return on Investment for technology options
  • Inability to prioritize due the above two factors

In this half day interactive workshop, you will learn and share how you and your peers can implement a new way to transform your operation to adopting digital technology on a consistent basis. Bring your child-like sense of play and curiosity to the table as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method will be used as part of the learning and interaction techniques.  Click on the video to hear a 1-minute introduction to this specific session. There is a limited number of registrations available for this event – due to the intentional and specific design elements of the workshop.

Presented by: 

Neha Singh, CEO of PACE Global

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